A concept comes to life through immersive storytelling

Design presentations require good storytelling.

The audience is empowered to contextually align with the user, understand which problem the design is attempting to solve, and visualize how the user benefits. More often than not, my design presentations take place within a PDF or a Powerpoint. This is impactful as I usually communicate one scenario at a time.

The Connected Card vision however, proposes a future that’s best experienced outside a PDF. It requires issuers to reimagine their products and services within the context of today’s digital landscape. In order to bring this vision to life and enable our issuer clients to understand it in its entirety, we realized we needed to find a way that we could place issuers in the shoes of the user.

Reimagining how we tell a story

We reimagined the issuer and Visa experience by looking across the entire ecosystem and rethinking how all the pieces fit together. Designed for a day in the life of the customer, our studio environment proposed a holistic future vision that touched a broad spectrum of Visa products and services.

Therefore, we needed to ensure product experts could weigh in and validate our solutions. Nothing in the room could be science fiction. The process included a series of parallel work threads to piece the overall studio together: Develop the overarching narrative and user journeys, design the walls of the room which would communicate the overarching narrative, and craft the physical space within the constraints of a budget, hotel rules, and safety guidelines. We used a human-centered design approach to craft the narrative from the cardholder point of view. This allowed us to design experiences for the user, which aligned both Visa and issuers around a common vision.

Keys to success

There were a few key requirements, which we felt were critical to successfully pulling off our ideal studio experience.

  • Should be dramatically different from any other experience in the conference. This included transforming the room to feel like it wasn’t even part of the hotel but someplace different entirely.
  • Nothing could be a work of fiction. However short, or long term our proposed experiences were, they could be built using existing products and services. This was critical because we wanted to inspire our issuers with an achievable future vision.
  • How conference attendees experienced the room. We wanted it to have a strong narrative, which unfolded as the conference attendee walked through the room, whether on a guided tour with one of the Connected Card Studio staff or simply browsing on their own.

Born out of a need to provide a venue for our issuers to experience our future vision firsthand, the Connected Card Studio was an immersive storytelling experience that engaged with our issuers in a new way. We were able to not only bring the concepts into prototypes, but we gave them a peek behind the curtain, provoking meaningful dialogue and discourse, and truly building enthusiasm and excitement around all their possibilities.